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7 Realities of Network Marketing (Part 1) – Network Marketing IS A BUSINESS


When you were checking the opportunity to become a NETWORK MARKETING, you probably watched a beautiful video and saw a mouth watering compensation plan. Depending on how you were recruited, you probably saw all those beautiful checks that other successful Distributors were getting. You were probably assured that you can make serous profits in this business within a short time.


However before you can even smell any of the big money you saw on the movie, compensation plan or get any check close to what your Upline enroller showed you, you must understand, embrace and live some practical realities. Without embracing these TRUTHS, you may be doomed to a life of disappointment and you cannot blame your Distributor or the company.

For most network marketing companies out there, there was probably no misrepresentation in the Compensation Plan you saw. It is the realities about how to get there without tears that you must learn, embrace and celebrate.

These TRUTHS on the path to success at NETWORK MARKETING are:


It always amuses me how many people fail to understand THIS SIMPLE FACT. By signing up to be an independent Distributor of NETWORK MARKETING, you are actually starting a BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN with the Skinny Fiber as your raw material

NETWORK MARKETING is not a hobby you just picked up. It is a BUSINESS much like any other business.

NETWORK MARKETING is not a membership club where they pay you for just being a member. It is a BUSINESS.

NETWORK MARKETING is not a fun club where you gather together with other distributors on Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn or wherever to exchange funny and encouraging texts and postings. That is well and good, but understand this: You are in BUSINESS with YOU as the CEO of YOUR BUSINESS.

NETWORK MARKETING is not an illegal pyramid scheme where you just get paid guaranteed money when it is your turn without providing any value.

The Compensation Plan may have been designed in a way that you may eventually get paid more than a $1,000 monthly without sponsoring anybody, but you better understand that nobody gets paid a dime unless products are sold and people enrolled by somebody, most importantly you!

I am sorry I have to remind you of this but NETWORK MARKETING is a business. The minute you understand this, you are already ahead of 95% of millions of Network Marketers who never seem to get this.

NETWORK MARKETING is a business and just like any other business, it must have the elements of what makes every business successful:

  • A PROFIT AND LOSS (You must learn how to balance your books knowing how much you are spending on the business and how much you are making and what you need to do to get to break even position)

It is of the absolute importance to understand this if you are going to survive and win with NETWORK MARKETING.

When you UNDERSTAND THE REALITY THAT YOU ARE NOW A BUSINESS OWNER, several things become automatic for you and you will be unstoppable on your way to winning with Skinny:

  • You will not need anybody to tell you that you must MAKE A SALE (sign somebody up or sell to preferred customers) to stay open as business or make any profits.
  • You will not have a problem understanding why your business must be exposed to POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS EVERY DAY and very often.
  • You will not have a problem knowing you MUST DO AUTOSHIP every month to have stock to sell in YOUR BUSINESS and stay in the game.
  • You will not need any motivation to spend some time promoting your business EVERY DAY (just like you don’t need to be prompted to go to work everyday!. You know you don’t go, you don’t get paid. Business is no different)
  • You will not have a problem going to opportunity meetings where you can get free training and assistance
  • You will not have a problem inviting your prospects to come to meetings (whether online or offline) where the ‘SALE’ deals can be done for you by a more experienced fellow business person.
  • You will understand that as the CEO of your company NOBODY CAN REALLY GUARANTEE SUCCESS BUT YOU. Since nobody is higher than you in your own company, all decisions and responsibility for success or failure is on you. Your upline can only help you as a consultant but you take the responsibility for how well you do.
  • You will stop looking for scapegoats to blame for not having success since it is YOUR business. Someone might have introduced to the business, but the minute you signed up, you effectively started your very own business.
  • You will stop whining about how your upline is not helping you. Your Upline is simply a volunteer Coach who is consulting for you at no cost to you. YOU MUST STILL SCORE THE GOALS YOURSELF.

Failure to grasp this REALITY quickly and early enough is one of the major sources of failure for Network Marketers. Consider yourself properly WARNED!

2 Business Myths That Plagues Newbies

Are you a recently new business owner? Like did you just start your business near the beginning of this year? If so, then you should know that a lot of roadblocks stand in your way when it comes to business success. You will hear people tell you all kinds of things regarding marketing your business. The trick these people is to ignore them and to use solid marketing principles that can make your business grow.

You don’t want to make the classical mistakes that most new business owners make in their business. Make sure you’re only using direct response marketing to promote your business. If you’re trying to do brand advertising like the big companies do, then you’re more than likely going to see yourself exiting out of business in a short period of time.

In this article, I want to share with you some of the classical mistakes new business owners make in their business, and how you can avoid them simply and easily. In fact, here’s the first mistake that most new business owners think to themselves:

1) Making thousands in one month is possible

Now, this may in fact be possible, but for 95% of most business owners, this kind of income is merely a dream. Most people would love to start off in their first month and start making thousands almost immediately. But for the mere mortal, this just isn’t true – and it’s something that you shouldn’t be looking to happen if you want to have the kind of business success that you dream of.

Sure over time I think it would be easy to be making $10,000 a month in your business. But initially starting out… I think it’s best if you took it one day at a time. Here’s another belief that new business owners have in their mind:

2) Focusing solely on getting new customers

I know whenever that you get a new customers you get all happy and giddy inside, and you probably think that this should be the end of the relationship between you-two. But in fact, this is only the beginning. EXISTING customers are the lifeblood of your business, so you want to do everything in your power to keep them in your marketing cycle so that you can market to them over and over and over again.

Most of your profits in your business will come from these people, so it’s best not to ignore these people. Otherwise, your business will soon become extinct. Make it a point to serve more to your existing customers more than your new customers, and you will see that this is an untapped profit source that you just can’t ignore.

Marketing is something that is necessary if you want to make globs of income on a daily basis. Leave the old marketing techniques behind, and focus on newer strategies such as direct response marketing to take your business to the next level. Plus… stay away from the hype. It won’t do you any good in the long run. In fact, it’ll probably raise your blood pressure because of how you tried out a technique and it didn’t work for you.

Good luck with trying to have the business success that you dream of in your business.